Concrete Plant Interational Magazine features Spancrete Global Services

Concrete Plant Interational Magazine features Spancrete Global Services

17th   IPHA ANNUAL CONFERENCE                SPLIT                       CROATIA

The 2012 Annual Conference of IPHA was held in the Hotel Katarina in Dugopolje on the outskirts of Split. Croatia

 IPHA is the International Prestressed Hollowcore Association and is an Association dedicated to this special field of precast prestressed concrete.  Membership of IPHA is open to manufacturers of hollowcore and also suppliers of equipment, principal material suppliers and specialised software designers.   The current membership comprises approximately   55 companies from 25 different countries from across the globe.

The host company for the conference was  MI Grupa whose main operating company is Muci? & Co.  Muci? is a privately owned company formed in 1992 and which started life in General Contracting but soon built a substantial and impressive factory in Ljubuški in Bosnia& Herzegovina producing structural precast products to serve the many development projects undertaken.    


 In 2008 they added a hollowcore production facility using equipment and processes supplied by Spancrete ®  Global  Services from America and are able to manufacture hollowcore in widths of 1200mm and 2400mm in a variety of depths.

One of the private development projects was the construction of the Hotel Katarina, a 74 room hotel with excellent conference facilities which was completed in 2010 and was the venue for the conference. The hotel is wholly owned and operated by the MI Grupa.

Some 60 delegates and guests arrived during the course of Saturday 12th May at the Katarina Hotel in time for the welcome dinner held in the hotel and kindly hosted by Spancrete ®  Global  Services.   An excellent meal and a convivial atmosphere provided  the perfect start to the conference proceedings.

The main interest for the group was of course the hollowcore facility and the Spancrete ® installation which is now in its 4th year of production.   The production set up comprises 3 casting beds of  2700 mm x 200m each.


The delegates viewed the production of a 200mm x 2400mm hollow core slab.  The Spancrete ® GT-240 Production System interestingly produced on concrete casting beds at an average rate of 2.5 metres per minute.  Davor Zelenika, the Production Manager confirmed that besides standard slabs, the GT-240 is also capable of producing hollowcore insulated and non-insulated wall panels. 

A prominent member of IPHA  commented “It is just great that a new manufacturer like the Muci? company had the courage to embrace the 2.4m product. This is another example of the extraordinary vision of Stanislav Muci?.  Site cranes are bigger nowadays and all the old European arguments against 2.4 m widths are redundant. This level of quality and surface finish in a 2.4 m product is unbeatable".

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