About Us


For over 70 years, Spancrete has been building structures in which we live, play and work every day. Spancrete has built a legacy of designing precast structures, perfecting production processes, engineering Hollowcore systems and authoring the standards for research, design, production, installation and safety in the precast industry. We’re still building that same legacy. Along the way, Spancrete has been wholly dedicated to providing the best precast solutions and service in the industry. By partnering with our customers and working to fully understand their vision, we turn dreams into amazing reality.

Our history is anchored in innovation. Founder Henry Nagy was already running a successful concrete block business in 1946 when he discovered an opportunity in Europe that would forever change the concrete and construction industries. He had so much faith in the German inventor who had designed and constructed an innovative precast concrete manufacturing machine called a “hollowcore slipformer” that he purchased the bomb-damaged machine and its patents and brought them back to the United States. After repairs and upgrades, Henry began producing long spans of precast concrete plank – today known as Spancrete. All hollowcore products are now referred to as Spancrete – no matter how or where they are produced; a true testament to the Nagy family perseverance and success in the precast industry.

Our employees and our customers are the real key to our success story. Recently, the company was awarded all seven culture badges by THE GOOD JOBS. This is a testament to the investment we have made since 2012 in our employees and developing a solid culture of safety, accountability, integrity and quality. With over 400 employees and locations across the U.S., providing every customer outstanding quality, service and innovation is vital to our continued success.

More than 70 years since our first precast concrete plank was cast, Spancrete continues to be family owned and operated. We are a third-generation company with a global footprint continuing to grow and expand. We provide precast building solutions to the entire Midwest, Southeast and Florida. We have plants in Wisconsin, Georgia and Florida; as well as sales offices in Illinois and Wisconsin. There is not a market segment that we have not built, from single family residential to parking structures to transportation projects to arenas; Spancrete has been building our local communities since our inception. Customers come back time and time again because they are proud of what we accomplish together. They trust us to work in partnership with their team.

Our global equipment division has been providing precast production systems around the globe since the 1950s. Spancrete provides the expertise and equipment to our licensees; we have over 30 licensees around the globe, with over 20 in China alone. These global partners are building residential and commercial structures that will withstand wind, earthquake and other challenges from Mother Nature.

With new precast design and engineering challenges, we have a vision of bringing the efficiency, durability and utility of precast solutions to more and more people every day. Our company has built a global footprint through the constant pursuit of excellence in design and performance. The inspired structures we create are a testament to our customers’ vision and our commitment to ensure function, efficiency and affordability are at the core of every project.

We pioneered the industry, and now we strive every day to innovate and be the best in it.